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She knew from her NDE that the Great Recession was coming

I interviewed her before the Great Recession really struck

When the Great Recession was only in its first phase, I had one of my interviews with an NDEr. The crisis had started in august 2007 and lingered on until Bear Stearns, one of the major investment banks, was running into serious problems. I spoke with her in March 2008, right after Bear Stearns had been saved by JP Morgan/Chase in a deal brokered by the Federal Reserve. Everyone was sighing with relief and stock prices quickly recovered from their previous losses. Due to excess world demand prices of oil, other commodities and also food were heading north. Oil still had to reach its all time high of almost $ 150 per barrel in the summer of that year.                <Back>

This is just the forerunner; the real crisis is still to come

While people out there were scrambling to buy stocks again she told me that this episode with Bear Stearns was just the beginning. She said: ‘What is happening in America is just the forerunner of the real crisis. The real crisis is still to come and it will really be severe. Many people will be affected, also in my family. One of my children will be drawn into this. Everything that is detrimental to human beings is wrong, be it economical or environmental. Materially a new world is being created. Also, people who misuse the earth will be confronted with results of their own wrongdoing.’                                                                                                                               <Back>

She had her NDEin 1986

She had been given this information in her NDE in 1986, but she didn’t understand it because it came in this elevated form of communication. The knowledge became intangible after her experience. In addition, she is not knowledgeable about finance and for that reason alone was she not able to explain what she had seen. However, the turmoil that started in 2007, which led to the fearful tension preceding the Bear Sterns rescue made her understand that this was the time frame that she had seen in 1986. Her feelings during the NDE matched with fearful tension she sensed in the world of March 2008.                                                                                                           <Back>

She had been right all along

I didn’t really give much thought to it. I made my notes and went on with my life until September of that year. The two gigantic mortgage banks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the biggest insurance company in the world, AIG, ran into mounting problems. Until that moment the failure of these three mammoth financial firms had not been thought possible. Finally, they had to be saved by the U.S. Treasury. In fact, they were all nationalized: the two agencies entirely and the insurer effectively for about 80%. Then mid September 2008 Lehman Brothers, another investment bank, went belly up and this triggered the gradual break down of the financial system as we had known it since World War Two. It led to the full or partly nationalization of many more banks and insurance companies in Europe and the U.S. The break down of the financial system caused the most severe economic crisis the world had experienced since the Great Depression of the Nineteen Thirties and made central banks around the world resort to what has become known as ‘unconventional policy measures’.

All along she had been right.                                                                                                    <Back>

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