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Ellyn Dye's Near-Death Experience (and its messages)

The car accident

(Taken from the video message on her website www.EllynDye.com). She saw another car coming down the road. They were both approaching an intersection. At the last minute the other driver decided to turn left, right in front of her. He crashed into her. The next thing she knew was that she was looking down on top of her car. She saw the man get out of his car, walk over to hers and reach inside to turn her headlights off. He wanted to make it look as if she was driving without lights. After Ellyn recovered, there was a lawsuit, but the man probably felt guilty and didn't appear in court. Therefore, the judge decided not to sentence Ellyn.                                     <Back>


But at the car crash Ellyn suddenly lost interest in what the guy was doing down there because she saw that white light just behind her. She had heard about that and she thought: "that is where I am going". There was a tunnel, very dark, but with a great light at the end. And she wanted to know what was on the other side. There was this feeling of love coming through this tunnel. She went through it. When she arrived, she didn't see a place like here, but it was an environment, an atmosphere with total bliss, total joy, total love, total acceptance, where everything is fine, which it has always been and will always be. "It felt like home, where I belong."            <Back>

Back again

She needed something of an environment, and there it was. She saw relatives, but she couldn't go over to them. However, they were doing great. Then she was in the middle of a circle with 12 feet high beings. They felt more like family than the people she had seen. They felt so familiar and so loving. She had some sort of argument with them about going back. She didn't want to go back, because people are nasty to each other on earth. Although they were not really arguing with her. They were like: "yes dear, everything is right dear, you are doing fine. You can do whatever you want." It went on for a long time of period. Next thing she knew, she was in the operating room. "Oh my God, what happened?" The nurse said, "you were in a car accident." She replied: "That is not what I mean. I was not supposed to come back."

It is hard to make the transition. Nothing was the same. People are still mean to each other. It had felt like the heart of God, standing in the middle of the heart of God. Suddenly she was not there anymore. It took her 15 years to incorporate the experience.                                <Back>

Hold the energy of the Light of God

After the experience your priorities change, because you realize that the most important thing is love. The only thing is love. Fear is the opposite side of love. You lose friends, and you get new ones. During the NDE you incorporate this feeling of love into your life. We all have a mission, but most people don't remember what it was. She tried to figure out what her mission was, but now she thinks that her mission and everybody's mission is to be here in the 3 dimensions, in his time and space, and to hold the energy of the light of God. Just hold it. We don't have to do anything, just hold that energy. And as we hold it, we help other people to find that energy and to feel that energy.                                                                                                                              <Back>

We are part of God, we are the heart of God

Humanity is changing and is evolving. The only thing you have to know is that there is nothing out there to fear, you are a divine powerful being. We all are. We all are part of God. We are all part of love. That's who we are. We are the heart of God. We are here to bring that to earth, to create heaven on earth. We can do it. In love. That is why we are here.                           <Back>


There is more about the future of mankind on Ellyn's website: www.EllynDye.com

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